At the height of the detention crisis, more than 55,000 immigrants were jailed in prisons and camps across this country — kids in cages, families, trans women, pregnant mothers, and anyone else who has been caught by the immigration dragnet at our border. We have sent more than 60,000 asylum-seekers back to Mexico, where they’re forced into overcrowded tent encampments and often dangerous border towns with no resources and no access to lawyers while they wait for their day in court. Combined, both President Obama and President Trump have deported some 2 million people from the United States, separating families and ruining lives. Six children have died in border patrol custody. Hundreds more have died in the deserts along the southern border and somehow, we’re still shouting for #NoKidsInCages.

This is a humanitarian crisis. We went to Iowa during the most-anticipated Democratic caucus in modern history, going directly to voters to make sure they #DontLookAway from the human rights abuses committed on their watch. We need every political leader to support the Migrant Justice Platform. That means to support a pledge to halt all deportations, decriminalize immigration, end detention, and demilitarize our border.

We know how to create a sane, rational immigration system that gives justice to those who have suffered from our enforcement. That’s what our Migrant Justice Platform would do. We must ensure these policies are enacted immediately.


The Migrant Justice Platform is a roadmap of Executive and Legislative actions from grassroots voices across the United States and abroad that parts ways from the “single-bill” strategy that has defined immigration politics for two decades. It is a unity blueprint intended as a launching point for an open-source effort that centers grassroots voices on various aspects of immigration reform.

The Migrant Justice Platform presents a vision and principles to change course from the failed “comprehensive immigration reform” strategy of previous administrations. It recommends concrete executive and congressional actions in three thematic areas: at home, on the southern border, and abroad.

In its recommendations, it lays out concrete policy recommendations to ensure our undocumented, TPS, DED, and DACA sisters and brothers breathe free without fear of persecution; a centering of workers rights within immigration policy; a new policy approach to the borderlands that includes demilitarization and restructuring of border agencies; and a rethinking of the U.S. impact and role abroad. Overall, it is the beginning of a new discussion for immigration action that must include impacted communities, remedy past mistakes, and see the whole of the global crisis.

Read the full platform [pdf] or a summary below.

Join us. ENDORSE the platform.